mandag den 30. oktober 2017


Little Bulbi is looking for a new loving home xx x

Please note: The resin is thin in some places, so that the magnets show up as dark shadows. Bulbi came like this from the artist. Please kindly see photo above.   

torsdag den 12. oktober 2017

Sweet dreams are made of this...

Finally finally finally finished the wig for Lior, my LLT Edria boy! Also managed to fix his face he just needs proper eyes (Eyeco maybe? Or Masterpiece?) and hopefully someday I will also be able to buy him a body. For now he's on a BabelDoll display torso.

The LLT Edria sculpt looks amazing as a boy...imho, that is ._.

fredag den 15. september 2017

WTB Little Red Riding Hood SD girl LD000499

I'm looking for this outfit: Little Red Riding Hood SD girl - LD000499

If you happen to have this particular outfit for sale, please don't hesitate to contact me- thanks!

lørdag den 5. august 2017

Summer Sale 2017

VOLKS Mono Chrom punk Outfit - brand new

 J-POP Blue wig 9"-10"

 LeekeWorld limited extra long 2 coloured wig 9"-10"

 Monique extra long wig 9"-10"

 LeekeWorld old limited golden wig size 9"-10"

 Dollga brown wig 9"-10"

Unknown shoes for larger sized SD girls

YO-SD Volks Little Lorina outfit (dress, bow shaped belt, bloomers & socks)

YO-SD Floral outfit from Japanese dealer (dress, head piece, mesh bloomers & mesh apron)

YO-SD Mori girl outfit (dress & cape) 

YO-SD casual outfit (cardigan & lace dress)

MSD Dollheart outfit (long shirt, pants, collar, belt & hat)
 Rosenlied outfot for tiny 16cm dolls (dress, unders kirt & bunny hat)

 MSD SoulDoll antique style outfit (dress, vest, underskirt & bonnet)

Rosenlied YO-SD sleeping bag

CP girl body (normal skin)