mandag den 26. marts 2018

To K,

If you read this please send me an e-mail and let me know how your trip to Svalbard went. I miss talking to you :)

PS: I did get on my connecting flight in Copenhagen. I did what you said: "Run, Run Run!!"

fredag den 2. februar 2018

For the love of floating heads

Winter/Spring 2018

 Floating heads- left to right: AIL Chloe, LLT Edria, SIO2 Peach Deer, ANS Red Riding Hood version 2 & ANS Isabella

fredag den 5. januar 2018

Little Miss Nosebleed

  ~~** First dolly arrival of 2018 **~~

It's January the 5th and the first doll (or well...doll head) arrives! Couldn't ask for a better way to start the year ;)
Little new one is a SIO2 Taolu/Peach Deer. When this head was first released I was able to resist buying, but when I saw this head for sale 2nd hand with a slightly bloody face up...well,  just fell in love!! >___<
This little one is still without a proper name- so for now she's been nicknamed 'Nurie'. She's also without a proper wig...and she has no body of her own, so for now she borrows an old yellowed DollsTown bod.

She travelled to me with ninja speed all the way from the holy land!

Her face up is very unique- and the artist has painted tiny 'cracks' on her skin. With her bloody nose, she almost reminds me of a character you'd see in a Trevor Brown painting.

I think SIO2 recommended eyes in a size 14mm for this sculpt? I found that Eyeco size 11mm fits her better! >__< Deciding on a colour was a bit tricky...I think I prefer the brown eyes tho.

SIO2 certificate came with a bookmark and a golden metal thingy? 

My other girl, JunJun- a SIO2 Cold Dew- has a certificate that's a lot more basic. The newer SIO2 certificates are a lot more fancier.

Finding the right wig is always a bit of a nightmare when adopting a new dolly... This girl has a rather larger head which means I don't have a lot of wigs that will fit her in size. This lavender alpaca wig didn't go well with her skin tone.. Leeke wig also seemed wrong for her skin tone...

...brown Leeke suits her all right...

...and brown alpaca without bangs also seems to work for her (but this wig belongs to my Volks boy)...  I'm planning making a wig specially for her (black alpaca with bangs, I think).

~~** thread will be updated later on once I have figured out how to style her **~~